LNNH currently isn't available for sale in the App Store- we're just recovering from a nasty hangover, and plan to release a new improved version real soon. Stay tuned, and party on!

Introducing Last Night Never Happened, the world's first "morning-after" app, available for iPhone/iPad/iPod touch


This app will save your life (well, at least your social life...)

We all get carried away sometimes and end up posting embarrassing tweets and photos of ourselves and our friends, forgetting that all of our Facebook and Twitter contacts can see them, family included!

Last Night Never Happened is the life-saving app that will help you avoid letting those posts spread on the internet and save you a lot of embarrassment.

Delete multiple unwanted or embarrassing posts from your Facebook and Twitter accounts, including photos, comments, tweets, and direct messages. Available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

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