Bedroom Benches – Superb Alternatives to Comfy Chairs for Bedroom

Usually refer to great variations of indoor seating furniture, bedroom benches are increasingly chosen as highly appropriate comfy chairs for bedroom due to their functional and nice-looking decorative contribution to your personal sleeping interior. They can be perfect for a place to sit or to put some particular stuff like clothing, and some others even provide benefits like convenient additional storage feature.

Bedroom benches come in various materials, such as wood or metal constructions, and also ordinarily may feature padded seats. You can discover wide options for upholstery fabrics that will include leather, microfiber or even chintz. As to design, some bedroom benches are made with backs and others are backless. They also can be varied in their width too. This means that you will have myriad selections to pick related with type and also price range.

As stated earlier, bedroom benches can be found in great combination of seating added with extra elements. For example, if you prefer bedroom storage benches, you may look for cedar chests designed with backs and doubles as a bench. Alternately, you may also find bedroom benches with storage compartments beneath the seating component, and others even offer shelves under the seating surface.

You may use that extra storage feature in many ways. Bedroom benches with storage features can be applied as a brilliant space to keep extra linens, off season clothing, shoes, or even Christmas or other decorative ornaments, more particularly for bedroom benches with hefty storage capacity.

Basic rule of thumb in choosing or purchasing a bedroom bench is that you have to take into account some components which are matching or similar to the existing bedroom set. For instance, you may choose a bedroom bench made of wood which is finished in lightly stained to well coordinate it with your light hued wooden bed frames or dressers. In fact, bedroom benches are often offered as coordinating parts of bedroom sets.

Talking about application, most people put their bedroom bench at the foot of their bed. However, you may also use this kind of seating piece in other rooms. Benches will look excellent in living room or family room. Since they are commonly less bulky than sofas and loveseats, benches can be ideal solution for small living areas for space saving purposes.

Surprisingly, some people don’t pick them for space economy rather favors them due to their storage capacity, elegance, and a great harmony to coordinate well with other furniture sets.

Choosing Benches for Every Style 

Whether placed inside or outside your home living, benches are able to evoke additional charm and convenience to any decor. Of course, you are going to discover a lot of different types and styles for this sort of seating furniture. This can be ranged from basic garden benches up to benches designed in the famous classic Louis XVI style, for example.

Picking the appropriate type of bench perhaps can be such a distressing work. However, if you’ve already decided about the functionality and design, this task will be simpler one.

  • Extra Storage

Regardless your size of home living or space, having extra storage compartments and areas would always come in manageable way. As a tip, opt for benches with a hidden storage area under the seat of you require for additional storage. The reason is because most of these storage benches are frequently designed with hinged lids that permit easy access to the storage area.

Not only providing extra storage, these benches are also offer a convenient place to sit. Even, many of them are also featured with tall backs and hooks, making them perfect for entryways and foyers. In this case, you may use the hooks to hang your coats or hats. For entryways, you may apply benches in French country or cottage style.

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  • Comfort and Convenience

If you are looking for comfort, functionality and practicality for any furniture piece, you may think about an ottoman bench. It would be ideal choice for living room furniture. An ottoman bench usually has a padded top, making them useful as a traditional one. In fact, ottoman benches are commonly found in many older furniture styles, however, you can also discover them in modern designs.

  • Bedroom Benches

First thing you have to consider before choosing a bench for your bedroom interior is about the design of the other furniture and also the overall look you want to pursue. As an example, if you have already decided basic or plain furnishings, take into account a simple park-bench style. On the contrary, if you wish for more elaborate furnishings, you may choose a traditional boudoir bench ornamented with scroll-style arms, for example.

Moreover, if you want an open and inviting interior, a modern backless bench at the foot of the bed can be one of the best options. A kind of backed, upholstered bench is able to provide you a truly convenient reading chair as well. Finally, for limited space interior, you may consider placing a backed corner bench which is able to fit into an unused corner and offer a comfy sitting area.

Some Styles for Bedroom Benches

A bedroom bench is indeed able to produce additional storage, a place to sit, take off your shoes, or even simply another design element in your room which in turn will offer your space such a finished look. In fact, they play their functional as well as decorative roles. The following are some styles of bedroom benches that hopefully will help you in narrow down the style you favor the most and the needed function in your sleeping space.

#1 – Storage

If you demand for both style and function, a bedroom storage bench is the perfect solution! You can look for various storage benches in various styles and materials, as well as sizes. An example would be a good looking tufted bench with storage underneath to keep your blankets and pillows. This bench will be a versatile piece that is going to be great in almost any space.

bedroom benches with storage cushions

#2 – Skirted

If you want a more formal style room, a traditional bedroom bench would be a better alternative. Even more, you may throw a few storage baskets beneath! These kinds of skirted bedroom benches also come in broad options of color lines which are beautiful and classic.

#3 – X Benches

Having these types of X-benches, usually two, at the foot of your bed is absolutely going to evoke particular character to your sleeping space. They undoubtedly will evoke such a chic look to your modern or glam interior decor plans.

#4 – Mid Century Modern

You may also play such a mid-century modern feel to your bedroom interior design ideas. An example, a bedroom bench in gray and wood two toned can be one of the most perfect solutions to generate a touch of mid mod without going over the top.

#5 – Natural (Rattan)

Bring the fresh coastal touch to your personal sleeping interior with the presence of anything in rattan ideas. And natural rattan bedroom bench will definitely work great in a comfy cottage or beach house, or bedroom space.

#6 – Leather (or Faux Leather)

Leather can be everyone’s favorite. They often come in many traditional styles. However, you may also discover them for more eclectic or boho styles. For example, a bedroom bench made of faux leather trimmed with gold and hairpin legs can one of those gorgeous choices.

#7 – Pop of Color

A pop of color can never go wrong in any interior decor projects. And one of those ways can be pursued by adding a colorful bedroom bench in an overall neutrally decorated room. Not only splashes of colors, you may also think about patterns – floral, geometric, or stripes can be some of fabulous options. Pick one which will fit with your style or personal preferences.

#8 – Faux Fur

Faux fur is unquestionably able to add great texture to bedroom bench. It is going to turn your bench into a truly conversation piece. You may pair this faux fur bench with nearly any decor, such as coastal cottage idea, for example.

#9 – Classic (Upholstered)

One type of bedroom bench that will stand the test of time is perhaps an upholstered one with the bolsters pillows. You can’t go wrong here for upholstered bedroom bench has its classic shape that will go with almost anything.

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