Plug in Wall Lamps for Bedroom – Styles, Types, and Buying and Design Tips

Similar with other lighting fixtures – table lamps and floor lamps, for example – there are wall lights to suit every style. Plug in wall lamps for bedroom can be pursued by applying wall sconces. These sorts of lamps can provide additional lighting and serve as decorative accents as well.

From their etymology, sconces are derived from the Latin absconsus and also esconce of the French. Those words have countless meanings, but mostly signifying a covering or protection, or by extension, that which is covered or protected. By definition, a sconce is a kind of lighting fixture which is attached to a wall in a certain way that it uses only the wall for support. Mostly, the light is generally directed upwards, but not always. They do not require a base on the ground, yet will demand for an electrical box to be installed.

Moreover, these sorts of light fixtures can be found in traditional forms to torch, candle or gas lighting, as well as modern electric light sources which are affixed in the same way. For modern fittings, they are generally called as wall lights, more particularly if the light source is wholly covered by glass.

Styles of Wall Sconce


This style of lighting fixture frequently has some features of ornate detailing, which reflects the styles of the past. With a formal appearance, traditional wall sconces will add an upscale feeling to any decor style, though it will fit in seamlessly with traditional interiors. For an example, popular elements of traditional sconces are tiffany shades and crystals which reflect light in their own exceptional, fine-looking ways.


Modern sconces are designed in a sleek, streamlined feel. They would be simpler rather than ornate. Modern – and/or contemporary wall sconces – are habitually featured with polished silver-colored metals. These light fixtures blend in best with modern or contemporary interiors. However, you can still apply them to any decor style looking for a touch of minimalism.


These sorts of wall lamps are going to be the mixture of modern/contemporary and traditional. In this case, transitional wall sconces are not as sleek and minimalistic as modern. Instead, they can be found in a traditional style, combined with a toned-down version of traditional detailing. These sconces can fit in with most decor styles.


Some typical characteristics for rustic wall lamps are distressed finishes, darker colors, and animal motifs. Rustic wall sconces are best well-matched for rustic and lodge interiors, yet still able to evoke additional touch of character to any decor.

Wall Sconce Types

Armed Wall Scones

To create a larger or more spacious interior, you may try pointing an armed sconce upward. As to for a more muted glow, contrarily you may cast the light downward. Oftentimes wall sconces can be mounted in either direction, look for “can be mounted up or down” in the product description and instruction.


Reminiscent of the first wall sconces, which held real burning candles, this type of wall sconce can be found in all styles, from rustic to modern. By and large, candle wall sconces will have shades covering the bulb. Candle lights are going to cast a small amount of light, which generating a particular intimate and cozy feel.

Swing Arm

This type of wall sconce is designed and made so that the position of the light is adjustable or modifiable. Swing arm wall lights are suited for reading nooks, nurseries, and bedsides, where flexible lighting is essential.

Flush Mount

Flush mount wall sconces are mounted directly to the wall. They oftentimes bear a resemblance to flush mount ceiling lights and do not feature arms or extending designs. Flush mount lights are best at offering and producing general illumination and are commonly found in bedrooms, bathrooms, foyers, and hallways.


Wallchieres are wall-mounted lamps that resemble a free-standing torchiere lamp or a long torch light, with the combination of candle sconces. A mixture of delicate design and light diffusing shades.

Half Moon

Closely related to flush mounts, half-moon lights usually feature an open top but a round closed bottom. Casting both bright and mellow light, half-moons work best for every room in your home.

Recessed Light

Recessed wall lights will have most of their fixture installed behind the wall, as opposed to being installed on the wall (like a flush mount). These lights are frequently directional in nature and are commonly used to accent stairways and walkways.

Bedroom Wall Lights – Some Application Ideas

Wall lights are able to provide you with the light you need, while at the same time they also can add a touch of elegance to your bedroom. Indeed, wall lighting is unbeatable when we are talking about selecting bedroom lights that will give you not only functional but also beautiful and space saving features.

Also known as sconces, wall lamps can be applied to produce ambient light or to accent architectural features or accessories in your bedroom. The choices will be ranged from simple and functional pieces to unusual designs that act as art. Moreover, you may pick from styles ranging from traditional to contemporary to complement your bedroom’s decor.

Wall lamps are available in a wide range of sizes; hence you are able to discover the most suitable wall light fixtures to fit your space. Even miniature wall lights, which are great space savers, can produce plenty of light if they are furnished with LEDs, or light-emitting diodes. Installed on either side of the bed, these lights are good adoptions if you favor to draw attention to other features in your bedroom, such as a dramatic headboard or a piece of wall art.

Apply wall lamps on each side of your bed to provide light for reading; this will also help to free up space on your bedside table. You may thing about selecting wall lights with adjustable or swing arms, so you and your partner can adjust the lights to your preference for reading in bed. Or else, you can hang a single wall light in a reading or sitting area to create ambiance and provide extra lighting if that’s the spot you prefer to read. And for artwork, take into account adding a flat wall light to offer accent lighting over your favorite pieces for a gallery effect.

If you wish for a more traditional look, pick out wall lamps featured with a faux candle design or even a mini-chandelier. You may look for them at the antique stores for fixtures that can be updated or refurbished. Furthermore, you have to decide how much light you need, as the amount of light provided by wall-mounted fixtures can differ.

Mirrored wall sconces can evoke an additional touch of elegance to a bedroom, while they are providing more enhanced light. Think about placing your wall lamps on dimmer switches, and have separate controls for lights mounted on either side of your bed. To ensure a balanced look, some guidelines would be that the fixtures typically should be mounted between 60 and 66 inches above the floor, and eight to 10 feet apart. Make sure the light fixtures won’t be too close to drapes or other flammable materials and are out of reach of young children.

In the master bathroom, put the wall lamps on either side of the vanity mirror to provide light that is more flattering than a ceiling light. As an example, globes with frosted glass will make light in the area even more pleasing.

Buying Considerations

Similar with every other type of light fixture, you need to consider a number of factors before choosing or even purchasing your wall lighting fixtures. Size and style are always concerns, but so are how the fixture works with controls and dimmers. Because most wall lighting fixtures function with a switch, you have to review installation requirements and take into account the total effect of lighting in the room as you combine wall lighting with other light sources. The following are some pre-evaluations:

Size and Style

Wall lamps should be selected in proper proportion to both the size of the room and the wall space the fixtures will inhabit. Fixture style influences on how the light is perceived and how well the wall lighting cooperates with the decor and other light sources in the room.


Most wall lighting fixtures are hardwired, so installation works best in a large remodeling or new construction plan. If you wish for simply swapping a new fixture for an old one, you may be able to reuse the electrical connections.

Lighting Combination

On their own, wall lighting fixtures perhaps will not adequately provide sufficient light to the whole space. You may apply them as task or accent lighting and make sure to sufficiently provide enough overall illumination with other light sources.

Controls and Dimmers

Numbers of wall lamps are switch-activated and some can be dimmed. Very small picture lights may possess an on/off switch on the fixture. You have to first check that placement and control of your favorite wall lighting fixtures so they will not be problematic.

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