Reflecting Ideas with Functional and Decorative Mirrors for Bathrooms

For your surprise and amazement, there are basically ton of creative ideas in designing your bathroom interior. This can be ranged from selecting colors and fixtures, up to other functional yet also decorative furnishings. Decorative mirrors for bathrooms, for example. When it comes to decor, mirrors are an essential in the bathroom. However, they not need to be so dull, basic, or even lack style.

Indeed, a bathroom mirror is a sort of decorating detail that should be given with further attention. Why? The reason is because you are going to look at it in daily basis. The bathroom mirror offers such a crucial role for everyday grooming. And for more decorative visual look, you can inject a touch of personality and style to your bathroom mirrors even in the clinically stark bathing space.

Likewise, decorative mirrors for bathrooms will provide plenty ideas to redecorate the entire bathing interior, or simply refresh your style with a dazzling piece. Sometimes a bathroom mirror balances the bathroom by inserting character and spark to a classic or clinical space. Other times the mirror itself plays second swindle to a dramatic sink or wallpaper.

Design Details

For your information, it is basically easier and typically inexpensive to change your bathroom mirror rather than replace a toilet, wall tile, or sink. Whether for functional or decorative purposes, selecting a bathroom mirror can be such a fun yet high-impact with low-effort alternative to bedeck your bathing interior.

Hanging a mirror can be compared a lot to hanging an art work. It most likely that you may not know the rules you adhere to, however you know for sure when it looks incorrect, whether the mirror is too small, too high, too low or too wide. Still, you are going to learn that there are some very common (and not stern) recommendations for picking and hanging a mirror in the bathing space.

In general, you need to consider various factors here: the size of the sink, the height of those who regularly use the bathroom, and the wall space above. In more details, some of these general guidelines are:

  • The top of the glass should be a few inches above the eye level of the tallest user in the family.
  • The mirror should be long enough vertically to permit everyone a decent reflection.
  • Characteristically, the mirror should not be broader than the sink or vanity.
  • How far above the sink the mirror hangs will also depend on how high the ceilings are. It would look peculiar, for example, if a small mirror were flush against the sink with a vast expanse of wall space above.
  • Fundamentally, the mirror shouldn’t be noticeably far above the sink nor, unless it is a very large mirror, too close to the sink.

Selecting and Buying Bathroom Mirror

It is true that a single bathroom mirror is able to create a dramatic impact on the overall bathing space. It functions to reflect natural and artificial light, and frequently lies over the vanity in design. Bathroom mirror may be decorative or simple. It will highly depend on the style of the house or bathing interior itself, as well as your personal preferences.

Measure the space

Measure the space you are going to hang your mirror. An easy and simple way can be done by using a tape measure to know the height and width measurements of the wall space you will apply a bathroom mirror. Sometimes, you will learn that most mirrors in the store frequently look smaller than after you get them go home and put them in your bathing interior.

Some good tips are keep the mirror from 4 to 6 inches (10 to 15 cm) from the ceiling; once again, the mirror should not be taller than your vanity, and give it 1 to 2 inches (2.5 to 5 cm) of wall space on each side of the mirror as well.

Decide your budget

Before choosing or even purchasing a bathroom mirror, you have to determine your budget first. The cost of a bathroom mirror will highly depend on the size and simplicity. It will also rely on the purpose of hanging the mirror itself. As an example, if you wish for buying a mirror to update the space, you may limit your budget set up to that particular bathroom mirrors.

Consider the mirror frame

Take into account what sort of frame you would like. You may pick a frameless mirror if you want, for bathroom mirrors can be unframed, and you will only have mirrored glass to hang. Or else, you may customize or personalize your frame by hiring a designer at a frame shop or specialty store. In this case, you may choose separate glass and frame details to create a exceptional appearance to the full mirror.

By and large, most bathroom mirrors are designed with the frame already built around it. The frames can be constructed of wood, metal, glass or other materials. Also, they are varied in sizes.

Keep in mind the main function of the mirror

Indeed, you have to remember the very first intention of you hanging your bathroom mirror. A simple mirror would be ideal for basic role of providing reflection to everyday use. If you want more features, therefore you may consider various bathroom mirrors complemented with additional storage, extra lighting, or even a built-in television that is going to reflect its pictures on the mirror.

Maintain the style and shape of the mirror consistent with the entire bathroom decor

Keep your bathroom mirror – style and shape, for example – in good harmony with your bathing interior decor ideas. Likewise, you are going to have such a uniform and organized bathing space. Some creative ideas to pursue this consistency are:

  • Embrace a recent trend by going for circular, unframed and beveled mirrors. This style will particularly work well in a modern, updated bathroom that has neutral colors and polished brass or steel fixtures.
  • Use a wood or metal finish on your mirror and frame that in great synch with the existing things you have in your bathroom. If other parts of the bathroom are a light wood or a deep cherry color, match that with the mirror frame. If you have wallpaper, think about a painted frame that matches the pattern.

Reflect Your Style

  1. Double It

Evoke a look that’s twice as magnificent by duplicating the style two (or even three) times. This is most ordinarily carried out over double sinks, but multiple mirrors could be applied over a long single-sink vanity as an alternative to one large mirror.

  1. Be Unique

One of your favorite bathroom mirror ideas is perhaps picking an unusual shape is a stress-free and effective tactic to create a certain statement in any size or style bathroom. Many vintage styles propose fascinating shapes and elaborate designs. It’s the perfect way to add a statement piece to your bathroom without tallying pointless trimmings that litter the room.

  1. Mix and Match

Collect different sizes and/or styles of mirrors and hang them in a gallery-wall-style arrangement. Make sure to contrast the mirrors so that they complement instead of compete against one another. It’s better to keep them all on one wall.

  1. Hang It

Technically, most mirrors are hung on the wall. However, suspending the mirror from a visible rope or wire is a creative way to add an element of interest. You can pick out from a variety of materials to hang the mirror, such as thick rope to produce a nautical theme or wire for a more modern, industrial vibe — just be certain it’s secure.


  1. Illuminate It

A simple mirror is able to obtain a glitzy update with the addition of backlighting. You may buy mirrors with built-in lights, or add them yourself to the mirror of your selecting. Illuminated mirrors are ideal for applying makeup and seeing your face in a detailed (but flattering) way. They’re great for bathrooms with low natural light. However, avoid harsh or fluorescent illumination, and rather choose the soft one.

  1. Go Big

Not only do large mirrors look impressive, they also help you bring in light. Depending on your space and style, you can go for adding a frame around the mirror to give it a more polished visual look. If you wish for more minimalistic interior, leave them unframed works.

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