Towel Bar for Bathroom – Types, Style Ideas, and Benefits

Towel bars for bathroom, though frequently disregarded, serves an essential role within your bathing space. By and large, you can discover hundreds types and styles of bathroom towel bar that grant them the ability to fit into the decor of any bathroom and carry out the function required from them. Towel bars can be merged into a bathroom in numerous different ways. First of all, you have to determine the purpose you wish your towel bar to perform.

Are you searching for a towel bar to hang wet towels up to dry?

For this sort of basic function, you may look for a single bar attached to the bathroom wall. However, if drying is the role the towel bar is intended to play, you’ll definitely find many other options. As an example, swinging towel bars are movable towel bars that allow you to push them out of the way every time you don’t need them. On the contrary, this means you can pull the towel bar out when you want it to hang up your towel and push it back out of the way when you are no longer in need of it.

Are you looking for a towel bar for decoration?

If this is what you are wishing for tour bathroom towel bar, hence you might want to take into account a single bar that fastens to the wall. This kind of towel bar can be found in a simple and classic look that offering a nice clean sense for your bathroom interior. Another alternative would be a decorative towel bar with fun edges or a cool design.

Practicality vs. Utility

There are countless towel bar options to choose from. Regardless your bathroom interior décor or style, you can always discover the one that meets all your requests. It’s not hard to pick out towel bars for bathroom. More especially it would be much easier if you already have a theme or have personal design preferences.

However, it is still compulsory to consider about practicality when selecting any bathroom accessories related to bathroom towel bars. For example, your main bathroom features like the sink and the shower may determine your picks. Perhaps, you want your smaller accessories to in tune with the bathroom’s theme. Yet, you need to keep in mind to think about the utility at the same time.

Towel hooks and towel bars which are available in diverse shapes, sizes, and materials indeed belong to accessories that are significant for a functional bathroom. However, most homeowners consider there is only one type of towel rack or bar, namely wall mounted ones. While in fact, there are extensive arrays of options for everyone.



Freestanding towel bars

There are indeed countless choices for towel bars that attach to your bathroom wall. But, if you are worried about damage or you don’t want anything permanent, you may go for free standing bathroom towel bars instead. In fact, they consume a bit more space in the bathroom, however, they will not harm your walls and even you are allowed to take them away whenever you want.

Freestanding towel bars offer numerous different choices when it comes to discovering one that will fit in with your decor. Moreover, you can find them stylish and convenient. They are highly ideal for homeowners who aren’t planning to stay a long time. Also, they are prefect for you who like to redecorate from time to time.

Most of freestanding towel bars are portable in feature; therefore you can easily move them around or swap out with a new style. Furthermore, you may also find heated towel bar which hang and display your towels nice and cozy after you finish your shower. There’s nothing can beat a warm towel.

Over the door towel bars

These kinds of over the door towel bars let you to easily and nicely store your towels and robes behind a door. They are truly perfect especially for small-sized bathrooms because they are able to make the most of space. This type of towel bar is also going to keep your towels out of sight.

For better result, you should pick one made out of steel for durability. In other words, plastic ones are easy to break particularly with heavy wet towels. And the good news is that you don’t need any tools to install them either. Simply hang them over any door and it’s worthy to go.

Retractable Under-Sink towel bars

If you want your towel bar or rack is nicely put out of sight, thus you may keep your towels inside a cabinet with what-so-called retractable under-sink towel bars. They will store your towels hidden away so you can retain a clean-looking bathroom space. Also, you won’t have to worry about guests using your bath towels without permission.

Towel bars with integrated shelves

If you are searching for a towel bar that does not only let you to hang wet towels up to dry but also allow you to use it for additional storage dedications? If so, a towel rack with a towel bar attached to it which is mounted to the wall might be the most suitable one for what you are looking for. With this type of towel storage, you would be able to keep clean dry towels on the top while still being able to hang your used wet towels on the bottom.

That will give a style of bathroom towel bars twice the use. The reason is because most homeowners prefer multi-functional bathroom towel bars. In this case, towel bars with integrated shelves offer tons of extra space. Therefore, you can apply them to store things, such as toiletries, cosmetics, and hair dryers.

Swivel towel bars

Swivel towel bars are towel holders that are designed with moveable arms. You can pivot the rod in any direction. Due to its design, one arm mounts to a wall, whereas the other arm or arms remain free. Likewise, you will have two bars that you can use any likely way.

Plain Old Towel Bars

If many fancy towel bars aren’t your preference, then a normal towel bar can be a fine alternative. You can find them in hundreds of styles. Unfortunately, the installation can be a little bit tricky though. Please remember to have an accessible and convenient level, so it won’t end up crooked on your wall.


It’s true that a towel bar plays a particular role in your every life as it also lets you to complement a clue of style to your bathroom interior. Accordingly, after determining what function you want your towel bar to serve, the afterward step would be deciding the design that would fit your bathroom the best.

Towel bars are available all different kinds of styles. If you have a modern style bathroom interior, you may go with a classic chrome bar. When you are wishing for something a somewhat more rustic, a twisted iron bar might be more your taste. And for you who are pursuing for something more high-tech, you could always go for a heated towel bar that warms your towel up for you before you use it.

Make sure that your bathroom is furnished with the supplies especially when you undertake a bathroom remodel. Accordingly, some of advantages for having bathroom towel bars are as follow.

  • Towel bars allow you to add splendor and usefulness anywhere they are desired. They are an essential part of a functional bathroom. Lest you toss your towels on the floor for the maid, you absolutely will need one.
  • During bathroom and shower renovations, it’s easy to overlook the little things. Towel racks, a crucial bath and shower accessory, are available in great variety of shapes, sizes and colors which are able to change the look of your bathroom.
  • Bathroom towel bars are able to enhance storage space.
  • They evoke elegant finishes for any bathroom interior decor
  • Provide more accessible towels
  • Come in wide array of design options

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